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Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park
19-265 Western Ave
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Raging Buffalo Wakeboard School
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Raging Buffalo USASA

Preparing for the 2012/2013 Winter Season.  We hope you find this information useful in your winter planning.
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Winter 2012/2013

Welcome to Raging Buffalo USASA

We are so excited for this winter and of course we are planning and putting it all together already!  The Tyrol Basin series was unfortunately dissolved.  We tried to help get the series re-instated but USASA felt that the series should be dissolved anyway and we were not able to re-instate it.  We know that many of the Tyrol Families tried to fight this and help out and we were very saddened by the final decision to shut it down. 

We want to extend open arms to those families that want to compete in the Raging Buffalo series with the following, USASA Members of the Raging Buffalo USASA Series will be able to use their Tyrol Basin Season Pass on USASA Event Days to get a complimentary lift ticket at Raging Buffalo.  We hope this will help those families from the Tyrol Basin series to compete in USASA events.  If anyone has any questions regarding this or USASA please feel free to email me, Tiffany, direct at tiffany@ragingbuffalo.com. 

I need to answer a major question that people have been inquiring about.  We consider all of our competitors part of the Raging Buffalo USASA Team; we consider everyone family.  The Elite Team is an advanced competitive team that we are adding to our already robust program.  The Elite Team will consist of 5-12 athletes, Freeskiers and Snowboarders.  Please read through our newsletter below for more information.

The Elite Team

We have been working very hard on our calendar and travel events.  The Elite Team will consist of 5-12 athletes that will travel to various USASA events and compete against other series.  These athletes do not have to be in the Raging Buffalo Series to be on the team.  We are hoping that our schedule will allow the athletes to support their home series events as time permits.  We will also have special training setup to coincide with our trips.  

Example, we may fly into Park City, Utah on a Wed night, train that Thursday and Friday and then compete against the Intermountain Series that weekend.  The team is open to snowboarders and freeskiers of all ages.  Those selected will have the right attitude, show dedication to their sport, and be able to maintain their grades.  Trips will be optional for each rider.  The Elite Team will allow for the ultimate training all season leading up to Nationals.  If an athlete wishes to be considered for the Elite Team they must apply by July 20th, 2012.  There will be a fee to be on the team and then the rider will be responsible for their trip fees, entry costs, lift tickets.  More information about the Elite Team can be found here: http://www.ragingbuffalousasa.com/elite-team

If you have questions regarding the Elite Team please reach out to Tiffany at tiffany@ragingbuffalo.com. The Elite Team will be managed by Tiffany Patterson.

USASA Regional Events

The USASA is looking at hosting Regional Events that would "fast track" a rider to Nationals and possibly other larger events.  They are looking to host 4-5 of these events around the Country.  This is something that is still in discussion and may not be put in place yet for this season but is still a possibility.  These events would be major events in Slopestyle and possibly Rail Jams.  They would hold them for age groups that are some of the largest age groups across the board and also Open Class.  We are very excited to be part of this and hopeful that it comes to fruition.  We will keep you posted as soon as we know something!

Raging Buffalo USASA

We plan on hosting events in the following disciplines:
Slopestyle (SS), Half Pipe (HP), Rail Jams (RJ), BoarderCross/SkierCross (BX/SX), Giant Slalom (GS), Slalom (SL) 

The way it looks right now it will be spread over 5-6 Weekends.  All of these events will be points events for Nationals.  You also have the opportunity to attend as many outside events as you want to try to get your best 3 scores for your National Ranking.  RB USASA is looking to host one to two weekends at another location right now outside of Raging Buffalo.  We'll keep you updated as we make our final selections.

The Elite Team will participate in as many of the local series events as possible and on open weekends will travel to other states and utilize other clinics.  The Elite Team will be able to get points in their home series as well as outside events to help their National Ranking.  

with Raging

Raging Buffalo Wakeboard School is in it's 11th season of teaching Wakeboarding.  We would like to invite all USASA Athletes, friends and family members to try out wakeboarding at a very special price.... $99.00...Yes, $99

Buy It On This Page: http://www.ragingbuffalo.com/usasa-wake
You can book any session on any open day using our reservation system here: http://www.ragingbuffalo.com/reserve

Questions? Call us...

Buy A Pack
3 Pack - $329
5 Pack - $499
10 Pack - $899

(packs can only be used by one person and cannot be shared)

Special Hotel Rates

We are currently working with a couple of hotels in Algonquin, IL to secure hotel rooms at the rate of $69-99 per night.  The hotels are nice and have indoor pools and hot tubs and are only 10 minutes from the mountain.
This could be used Summer/Winter.


If you have any personal connections that you would like to introduce us to we'd love to explore sponsorship opportunities with various businesses and brands for the upcoming season.  If you have any suggestions that you feel may be a good fit please have them contact Keith Duck at keith@ragingbuffalo.com.

Sponsorship could be for:

Raging Buffalo
Snowboard Ski Park

Raging Buffalo
Wakeboard School

Raging Buffalo USASA

The Elite Team

Season Passes

Raging Buffalo Season Passes are on sale right now!  Get them while the prices are low, they will continue to increase in price as we get closer to the season!

Early Specials

Upcoming Events

(current rb usasa)
Lake Geneva, WI

Elite Team Applications Due

7/26 - 8/2
Raging Buffalo USASA High Cascade Session
Call for open spots

Elite Team Announced
via email

9/9 @ 3pm
Raging Buffalo Pre-Season Meeting
don't miss this if you
want to save $$

Typical USASA Week

Monday - open for private coaching

Tuesday - Gymnastics Fusion Coaching
possibly 2 locations this year

Wednesday - open for private coaching

Thursday - open for private coaching

Friday - Group Coaching

Saturday - 2-3 Events Per Day, Finish about 5pm

Sunday - 2 -3 Events Per Day Finish about 5pm

Everything with Raging Buffalo USASA is OPTIONAL.

We have a full competitive coaching program and a travel team.






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Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park
19-265 Western Ave
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847-836-7243 Tel
Raging Buffalo Wakeboard School
614 Rawson Bridge Road
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847-836-7243 Tel