Ronix Vault Wakeboards

Ronix Vault Wakeboards

Redefining the versatility of board shapes for toe/heelside demands. A ride that takes into consideration that yourbody is working against the boat on your toeside, yet rides higher with a quick release on your heelside.

-Toeside rail is thinned out to sit deeper along with a wider/full profile riding higher up the wake with more bite

-Heelside rail has a more vertical sidewall, with more sidecut and a quicker release with less resistance on the water

-9.5 degree rocker – more angle designed for small wakes or riders that just want the extra straight up hangtime

-2.1”/2.3”/2.4”/2.5” staged rocker - height varies depending on length of board

-Artwork - UV clear top/metal flake material

-2 Alloy Vault fins and 4 molded fins
-A Mike Ferraro design with the everyday rider in mind


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