Ronix Frontier Wakeboards


Ronix Frontier Wakeboards

Not sure what style of rider you are and just want a dope –a#% set up? The Frontier board has speed from an idle continuous arc in the middle length of the board combined with a kink in the ends. Riders that have more of a tail heavy body position notice the speed off the wake of the smooth curve, and riders that have more of a centered weight riding rely on the bend in the tip/tail of the board with a more tempered snap off the wake.

-Accelerated edge transfer from the sharp center rail blending to our most vertical sidewall riding higher in the water in the tail with reduced drag

-9.9 degree rocker – explosive snap from a fused staged/continuous rocker

-2.5”/2.6”/2.7” hybrid rocker - height varies depending on length of board

-Slightly thinned profile

-Simple bottom shape designed to land with more forward momentum

-UV clear top/metal emblem/Radar lake inspired wood – artwork

-4 alloy Frontier fins and 4 molded stabilizers
-Determine your own style – don’t let a board do it for you


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