Ronix Covin Wakeboards

Ronix Covin Wakeboards

Fast boards don’t have to ride slow. A series of boards generating a lot of angle with out burying the rail. Hard edging, quick reacting boards in the past have generated speed by sitting deep in the water. The Covin series is a new style of charger with a sharp center line rail and more of a vertical sidewall in the leading edge. Sets a strong edge, but still rides higher on the water with more glide than any other style of “fast” board Chad has ever ridden.

-Variable edge sharp to vertical rail reacts quicker than any of our other boards

-9.1 degree rocker – less of a pitch to carry more speed out into the flats

-2.5”/2.6”/2.7” continuous rocker – height varies depending on length of board

-Thin profile and stiff glass layup

-Simple bottom shape because the board lands with more forward momentum

-Artwork - brushed chrome top/gold emblem/sand paper ink/matt ink

-4 Alloy Covin fins

-Chad Sharpe creation


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