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Welcome to the Raging Buffalo Snowboard Patrol website.  Our Snowboard Patrol is dedicated to providing the finest first aid care to our boarders and we are committed to the safety and education of the riders on our hill.  When in doubt or in need of assistance you can find us on the runs in our red jackets with a large cross on it.  We are the first Snowboard exclusive patrol unit.

The Raging Buffalo Snowboard Patrollers have been trained to the standards of the National Ski Patrol System to maintain the highest level of safety for all riders at our park.  Every patroller must go through rigorous classroom and hands-on training for certification.  Patrollers are updated annually and all season long with training sessions.

Our Snowboard Patrol Unit is based upon volunteers that are highly qualified through the National Ski Patrol System. 

Your Responsibilities as a Snowboarder

  • Always stay in control
  • Boarders ahead of you or in front of you have the right away
  • Be cautious when starting down a run to yield to others
  • Use devices and/or make sure that your gear is on tightly so to avoid runaway snowboards
  • Avoid any closed jumps, features or trails
  • Learn how to properly get on and off our tow ropes and magic carpet
  • Take a lesson to learn how to snowboard
  • Dress appropriately for the daily weather conditions - layers are best
  • Know your blind side and take precautions


Guidelines for an Injury

  • Never move the injured person or remove any of their equipment
  • Place your board in an upright position so that the patrol and other boarders can locate you better
  • Send someone else to report the injury to Patrol while you protect the scene until a patroller can reach you
  • Immediately notify the Raging Buffalo Snowboared Patrol or Staff Member so that they are aware and can take appropriate action


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