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Snow Tubing Rules

1. Snow Tubing has inherent risks and all participants accept those risks while on the property
2. Do not enter any tubing lanes until attendant gives you the okay to proceed
3. Exit your tube and clear the finish area immediately after your tube comes to a stop
4. Scarves, headphones, gloves on strings are not allowed
5. All long hair must be tied back and tucked into a jacket or hat.
6. Stay in your tubing lane
7. Linking of tubes in designated lanes only. Depending on lane and lane conditions a maximum of 3-4 tubes may be linked together with one rider per tube.
8. Helmets are not mandatory for snow tubing but we HIGHLY recommend them. You are welcome to bring one from home or rent one for $3 per session
9. Ride tow rope by putting tube under the rope. Lay on rope and grab with hands. Make sure strap is inside the tube before take off. Sandwich the rope between your body and the tube.
10. If unable to ride rope to the top you must immediately dismount your tube and either walk up or downhill with your tube.
11. When unloading the Tow Rope please do not let go of the rope until you reach the orange cones at the top of the hill
12. Tow Rope Gloves are available to purchase
13. One rider per tube, unless you have a large tube and you can have a 4,5, or 6 yr old on your lap. No one above this age can ride double on the tube.
14. Tubing while impaired or visibly intoxicated will not be allowed
15. Only those with a valid tubing wrist band may be in the tubing area. (observers must observe from bottom or side of tubing area only if they have a valid wrist band, they are not welcome to be in, on or near tubing lanes)
16. All tubers regardless of age must have an area pass
13. Have Fun!


Snow Tubing Rates

(2 Hours)

Participants must be 42 inches tall to ride and at least 6 years old. Ages 4-5 may ride with an adult. No one under the age of 4 may snow tube on the main tubing area. Fee includes two hours of snow tubing and use of the snow tube.


Tubing Session Rates

Mon-Thurs $25
Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays   $30 (2 Hours)

Groups & Parties

Groups of 15 and more qualify for our group rates but must be booked in advance as a party

Mon-Thurs $20
Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays
Only the 9am or 7pm Session
is Available for Groups

Snow Tubing Session Times

Monday Thursday Friday:
4:00pm & 6:30pm

Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays: 
9am - 11:30am - 2pm - 4:30pm - 7pm


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