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Enthusiasm for new ideas has always been part of the company's success. More than 10 years ago, Gator helped create the original twin tip, dual fin board. Today's Gator own Series continues his tradition of outstanding, trend setting innovative rides.

The wisdom to learn from experience, the courage to push the limits: this is the combination that leads to lasting success, also in the world of wakeboarding engineering. Design, durability and performance - these are the key elements of the Gator series.

Over the last 12 months, we have developed advanced engineering and premium components that have been tested and validated at the Worlds most famous location, Lake Pickett, Florida. The ultimate proving grounds for both board and rider dynamics, only the strong survive Lake Pickett, think you have what it takes?

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Our diverse team of riders test and design all of our products with one purpose in mind, to bring you quality boards that are unparallel to any other company in the industry. Uncompromised quality and materials define our production line. We finish them off with the sickest graphics from artists around the Globe.


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