Snowboard Patrollers, We are looking for you...

Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park is always looking to bring new candidates to our patrol unit.  We are the first Snowboarding Patrol unit at a Snowboard Exclusive Park.  You must be at least 18 years old to join us.  We also offer great perks like free snowboarding.

In order to maintain safety at the park we require the following of our patrollers:

  1. A 16-week course meeting one evening per week starting the beginning of July, for Outdoor Emergency Care training. First year only and testing is required.
  2. Twelve weeks of on-hill training in proficiency and toboggan handling. First year only, testing required.
  3. NSP dues and the purchase of your pack and jacket.
  4. You will be required to patrol a minimum of 70 hours or approximately 16 shifts per snowboarding season. We welcome you to patrol additional hours as well.

If you are interested please either contact us via email or the telephone: 847-836-7243

Don Steffens


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