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Date: 7/15/2009 0:37 am
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Hi im mike osborn and i started out with no idia what i was doing my dad was a water skie instructer for 20 years and he said it is so diferent. ok so im 14years old and keeth is asome on my second lesson keeth was like my best friend it felt like we knew eachother 5 years. keeth has unbeleavable pashens and he shows u how to get up on lad and on the swim platform befor u try it and when you fall or do something wrong he tells you whats wrong and how to fix it. when i first got in the water i couldent get up but keeth told me something i will never forget heaols up and keep the board at a 45 degree angle and i will always use that. he is vary suportave when you first ger up or do something nw he screens whooooo!!!!! and he always puts a smil on your face. after a few times of being up and your on a role he plasts asome music acrose the river and every1 on shore waches you and if you hate his music you can give him your ipod and he will plug it in during your turn. i got a 5 pack of lessons i am 3 lessons into it and i am jumping the wake, jumping in the outer water, 180 (bad at them), and grinding inbetween the wake outside the wake and ontop of the wake. keeth provides all the stuff just come in a swim sute and bring a towl. you board off the back of a master craft with a wakeboard tower. he made me love it so much i bought my own board for my second lesson i bought a O'Brien Valhalla 2009 Wakeboard i realy like it its bindings are so confortable it has 2 fins its a smoth ride the one thing i recamend is spend a few bucks and buy thumb screws ther are so much easer here is the link to see the board and binding and u realy cant fiend it any cheeper yes i looked http://www.bartswatersports.com/catalog/Wakeboards/OBrien_Valhalla_2009_Wakeboard_OR9441/index.asp

well i think thats about it if you have any ? that u dont wana ask keeth i can give you a persenel opinyen email me just click on the name at the top of this comment and scrol to the botom and ill get back to you

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