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Who Are We Helping?


The Family Health Partnership Clinic provides quality healthcare to the residents of McHenry County, Illinois. Operating with a committed group of volunteer physicians who work alongside a dedicated staff, we serve the uninsured and underinsured population of the county.

The majority of the patients work or are in working families. Many have delayed care because they were uninsured and could not afford to get the treatment they needed.

Postponing needed care often makes the problem worse - patients are sicker and require more medicine than if they had sought care early in their illness.

The Clinic provides for the whole family - cancer screenings, physicals, chronic disease management and sick care. When regular and affordable health care is available, everyone - not just the uninsured - benefits:

  • Businesses benefit by having a healthy workforce and lower sick time costs.
  • Health care providers, including hospitals, benefit because there will be fewer dollars lost for uninsured patients who must utilize emergency rooms.
  • All of the community benefits by keeping health insurance premiums down, thus cost shifting onto the insured population is significantly reduced.
  • Most of all, the patient and their family benefit!
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