Your Responsibilities as a Snowboarder

  • Always stay in control
  • Boarders ahead of you or in front of you have the right away
  • Be cautious when starting down a run to yield to others
  • Use devices and/or make sure that your gear is on tightly so to avoid runaway snowboards
  • Avoid any closed jumps, features or trails
  • Learn how to properly get on and off our tow ropes and magic carpet
  • Take a lesson to learn how to snowboard
  • Dress appropriately for the daily weather conditions - layers are best
  • Know your blind side and take precautions


Guidelines for an Injury

  • Never move the injured person or remove any of their equipment
  • Place your board in an upright position so that the patrol and other boarders can locate you better
  • Send someone else to report the injury to Patrol while you protect the scene until a patroller can reach you
  • Immediately notify the Raging Buffalo Snowboared Patrol or Staff Member so that they are aware and can take appropriate action


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