Burton Custom 158 Snowboard

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Date: 12/20/2005 7:30 pm
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I have this years Burton Custom 158 I am selling. I am starting the bidding at $251! Anyone who knows this board knows it retails for close to $500 so I expect to get a lot of interest. The board is in mint condition and has never been used.  The board comes in its plastic bag and has all the tags still on it.

I have one friend who is interested in the board but he is heavier than the 130-180 recomended weight and he also has big feet and this is not a wide board.  If he does want to board I do need to sell it to him.  If he does not, I will be accepting bids on the snowboard for this board for one week.  You can respond to the post with your bid and contact me via email if you are serious on the purchase or have questions.  I got a great deal on the board so this is why I am able to start the bid so low.  This board is not stolen and I can varify with a receipt if a buyer is absolutely not convinced (I am ware the deal sounds too good to be true and "fishy" so I feel this information is important to be given).  I will be posting updates throughout the week.  I do live in the Raging Buffalo area so I can meet the final bidder at the park or a near area to deliver the board.  Thank you and have fun taking advantage of this killer deal. 

PLEASE CONTACT: gmbrink@ilstu.edu

or the username on the site is Eunectes4


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